Saturday, January 19, 2008

Congrats Sommer!

Get your copy of Sommer Browning's Vale Tudo from Horse Less Press. Do it now.

c 2008, 32 pages.
"Some of you will never go to Long Island."
8.5x5.5, staple-bound.
cover art by Conan Kelly.
And a special gift! Included with each book is a hand-drawn Ultimate Fighter Playing Card by Sommer Browning.

from Vale Tudo

Some of you will never go to Long Island. Some of you will but will never go to Walt Whitman Mall. Some of you will enter Walt Whitman Mall and head straight for Foot Locker. So let me tell you about the facade of Walt Whitman Mall, how it’s carved with passages from Leaves of Grass, how the blocky Emigrant Savings Bank sign is bolted to the poem.

A child said what is the grass? Fetching Emigrant Savings
Bank it to me with full hands How could I answer Get more
money for your money the child? ...I do not know what it is
any more than he.

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