Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CUE Editions & the New CUE Editions Bookstore

I'm happy to announce the new CUE Editions bookstore, where you can now purchase individual back-issues of CUE: A Journal of Prose Poetry, each of CUE's final two print issues of the journal (7 & 8), as well as all forthcoming CUE Editions chapbook titles, including our first--Mark Horosky's Let It Be Nearby, coming in April and with cover art by Amie Robinson.

Other chapbooks in the series will include those by Stephanie Balzer, Sommer Browning and Michael Schiavo.

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Kristi Maxwell said...

I'm excited about all three forthcoming chapbooks! Is the Schiavo chapbook from Mad Song?

It's good to see Cue expanding its projects and bringing us even more good stuff.

kindly, k