Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Based Entirely on the Ornamentation

Alternate cover designs for Mark Horosky's forthcoming chapbook. Votes can be registered below in the comments section.

CA Conrad Somatic Poetry Exercise No. 11: "Use blue or purple ink for this please, if you have it. (Purple is best!) You also need a sheet of white, unlined paper. Place the pen (purple ink the best!) and paper on the floor keeping track of your breath. Then breathe deeply three times, and begin rocking wildly, saying out loud as you rock, "OO-WAH" over and over, nine times. On the ninth count of rocking with "OO-WAH" throw yourself onto the floor and QUICKLY and without thinking draw an X then a line from the X, and where that line ends draw another X. Now repeat this procedure of rocking and "OO-WAH" but when you fling yourself at the pen and paper this time start from the X where the first line had stopped, then quickly draw another line, then put an X where that lines stops. Continue repeating until you have nine lines on the page. Now you have a map. Follow your map in whatever location you want, it's your map after all. You can follow it outside by streets and blocks, or in an empty parking lot, or field, or in your bedroom or kitchen. Or have your finger follow the map on the naked body of your lover (this one is my favorite!). But when you come to an X on your map, stop, pause to reflect on this spot where you find yourself. Jot down a few notes. When you have finished your map-following and note-taking you can then squeeze the poem out of the experience. It's there, it's in there."

Reading Whitman religiously.

Cystic Fibrosis Fact: The most consistent aspect of therapy in cystic fibrosis is limiting and treating the lung damage caused by thick mucus and infection with the goal of maintaining quality of life. Intravenous, inhaled, and oral antibiotics are used to treat chronic and acute infections. Mechanical devices and inhalation medications are used to alter and clear the thickened mucus.

Dorothea Lasky's new chapbook, Tourmaline.

Bob Dylan wins a Pulitzer.



miryam said...

Oh my god there is just way too much to say. I think Zip Zap Rap might be the one. Either that or the Braillets?! Oh man.

Morgan Lucas Schuldt said...

I think I'd have to go with the Handless Organist.