Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Coconut 12 is up.

Summer 2008 Classes and Workshops at the University of Arizona Poetry Center.

A review of Aram Saroyan's Complete Minimal Poems. Bill Knott has some choice words about Ron Silliman and his selection of Saroyan for this year's William Carlos Williams Award.

This from the UA Poetry Center:

Videographer Jonathan VanBallenberghe built this YouTube video for the Conceptual Poetry and Its Others Symposium. We are struck by the endless possibilities of the form, and so have decided to create a challenge for you, the audience, to create your own video to answer the question, "What is conceptual poetry?" The only constraint is that somewhere in the video, this text should be included:

"Conceptual Poetry and Its Others. May 29-31, 2008."

Upload a video to YouTube by May 21 and let us know about it. Top videos will be featured on the Conceptual Poetry webpage (and may be screened at the Symposium keynote address) and the winner will receive a $150 dollar cash prize (or a $200 dollar gift certificate), provided by Book Stop Used Books, Tucson's oldest bookseller.


I'm thankful to Brian Henry over at the Verse blog who has listed Verge as one of several other Recent and Recommended books listed for April 26. Now if only I can find more kind souls to review it...

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