Sunday, June 01, 2008

And Now Back To...

Kenny Goldsmith has been blogging the Conceptual Poetry Symposium in Tucson, an event I hear has been incredible, but which I've relunctantly missed, though for good reason.

Huge thanks to everyone who hosted a reading for me over the past month--Kristi Maxwell, Amy Fine and Michael Rerick in Cincinnati, Sommer Browning in Brooklyn, Michael Ball in Baltimore, and Joshua Poteat down in Richmond--, and especially to Adam, Emily and Noah in Fredricksburg, and Mark, Miriam and Lucas up in Williamsburg (Bk) for playing host multiple nights over the past couple of weeks.

And now back to the business of bringing you, my readers, some heads up on the goings on in the poetry world:

A short review of Kevin McFadden's new book, Hardscrabble (a book I'll be reviewing for the Cutbank blog).

A long piece on Aram Saroyan's minimal poems.

Campbell McGrath gets torn a new one here.

A review of Peter Gizzi's Outernationale.

Katie Henricksen on My Morning Jacket's new record.

Also, if anyone's interested, I still have a few copies of Verge left over from the reading tour. $10 signed. Email me.

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Sommer said...

My pleasure, Morgan!