Thursday, July 03, 2008

Congrats Adam!

Adam Chile's exquisite, moving debut poetry collection Evening Land– available now from Cinnamon Press.

Praise for Evening Land:

Spirited along by variations on David Hockney's East Yorkshire oil paintings, Adam Chiles's Evening Land is of battered earth and psyche, 'dark ginnel' and 'glockened land' where 'a man is forgiving his hand for losing its fingers.' Chiles has written winter figures steeled against 'everything gagged and prisoned'. This is a first book by a seriously adult poet.

-Jane Miller

In Adam Chiles' poems, the painter meets the painted. The stranger discovers new lands. The morning touches night. Things find new and surprising orders. This book is fresh and revelatory — Chiles has his finger on the pulse while he also knows the depth of our wounds. A fantastic new voice in poetry.

-Colum McCann

These intensely taut and gorgeous lyrics of Chiles' Evening Land are poems written in exile. His is a chosen exile, though, a banishment of the physical rather than political. In this kingdom of memory and field, marsh and war, language finds solace in the grammar of landscape. … Chiles' heart is buried with his true home. For once, we should be glad of exile. Never has distance from one's homeland created such important, stunning work.

-Joshua Poteat

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silentlotus said...

Hi Morgan! This is so exciting- Adam has a book out! :D

I'm a friend of Emily's and Adam's from Tucson. Emily and I used to work together. If you know of a way I can get in touch with them, will you shoot me an email?

Thank you so much!