Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bring It On

Matt Hart's thoughtful review of Paul Violi's Overnight.

"Poetry should repulse assimilation; each poet's task is to fight their own language's assimilation. Miles Davis said, 'The symphony, man, they got seventy guys all playing one note.' He also said, 'Those dark Arkansas roads, that is the sound I am after.' He had his own sound. He recommended we get ours." --CD Wright

Kristi Maxwell's Realm Sixty-Four gets a look.

An insightful look at Obama's economic pragmatism.

"I am not convinced poetic camps serve the purpose of non-assimilation as well as they purport. I think they just put more heavy-handed poetry cops on the beat. They jump down your throat for commingling and they jump down your throat for having a good time and learning a new step and they jump down your throat for moving a few rocks. I have always acceded to poetry as a free space." --CD Wright

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