Monday, September 15, 2008

I Got Nuthin'

A review of Calexico's new album, Carried to Dust.

A new Diagram.

Check out the PoetryPolitics Blog over at Wave Books.  Over the next 50 days the blog will be offering poems, audio and video recording, essays, interviews, and manifestoes that tickle the distinctions between poetry and politics.

Bob Dylan has a poem in The New Yorker.

At the Family Research Council's Value Voters summit in Washington D.C. this month attendees caught speeches by Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, while vendors hawked conservative-minded products and knick-knacks, including a controversial product called "Obama Waffles." The waffles feature multiple caricatures of Barack Obama; on the cover he is drawn with wide eyes and a large grin, on the back of the box, he wears a sombrero, and on the side, he is pictured wearing a turban-like head covering. The waffles were conceived by Bob DeMoss and Mark Whitlock who claim the product is in no way racist, even though the box features a "Bling Bling Waffle" rap, a suggestion that the waffles will taste better if pointed towards Mecca, and a recommended serving size of "four or more illegal aliens."  See the video over at The Nation.

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