Monday, October 13, 2008

Now Available From Parlor Press

Congratulations to Boyer Rickel whose second collection of poems, remanence, is now available from Parlor Press: Free Verse Editions. Copies are also available at Antigone Books where he and I will be reading Friday, October 24th at 7pm.

Read poems from remanence at No Tell Motel and Free Verse.

Chris Nelson, a winner of one of this year's Poetry Society of America chapbook awards for his collection Blue House, has posted an interview with Boyer over at his blog. Here's an excerpt:

"In isolation, images gain largeness from the attention they demand of us. I’m interested in letting something stand so that its full set of resonances can come out. Another poet who is foundational for me esthetically is George Oppen. His poems often have gaps, and I read those gaps — and the impossibility of filling them any one way — as compelling the reader to do what I think of as “the good work,” of being a partner in the making of this thing. I want to be in partnership with the imagination of my reader. The poems in remanence require more work than certain kinds of poems — I’m aware of that. But I am increasingly interested in that work, and I’m looking for readers who are interested in doing it with me."


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Great quote. I've been waiting so long for Boyer's second book. Hope the reading went well.