Friday, June 19, 2009

Tight 5 is now available for purchase from the Northshire Bookstore. Or call 1-800-437-3700 and talk to an actual person.

Featuring: Samuel Amadon, Stephanie Anderson, Nathan Austin, Charles Bernstein, Anne Boyer, John Coletti, Justin Courter, Barbara Cully, Katherine Factor, John Gallaher, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Shannon Jonas, Katy Lederer, Andrew Lundwall, Carl Martin, K. Silem Mohammad, Charles North, Boyer Rickel, Christopher Rizzo, Ravi Shankar, Prageeta Sharma, Lytton Smith, Paul Violi, Dana Ward, and Eve Zukor.


Also check out the Cannibal Book sale. Pick any three of the chapbooks below for $12.50:

Carolyn Guinzio Untitled Wave
Melanie Hubbard Gilbi Winco Swags
Ben Mazer The Foundations of Poetry Mathematics
Keith Newton Sent Forth to Die in a Happy City
Marvyn Petrucci Pardon Me, Madam
Bronwen Tate Like the Native Tongue the Vanquished

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