Tuesday, April 27, 2010

from Heather Green

Dear All,

I'll be teaching two sessions of Letterpress this summer (ART 462E and 562E) and would love your help referring anyone who might be interested. There are still spaces available. This year, we'll be having an exhibit of the completed student work at the Lional Rombach Gallery at the end of the summer.

Letterpress + the Multiple

ART 462E/562E
Summer Session I — 6/7/10-7/8/10
Summer Session II — 7/12/10-8/11/10
M-F 5:00 pm-8:50 pm
Room: ART 201
No prerequisites

Learn how to hand-set type and use early twentieth
century printing presses to create printed ephemera.
Traditional hand-set type, photoengraved zinc plates
as well as photopolymer plates will be used. Integrate
the tactile quality of letterpressed type and image with
other media. Conceptual and material aspects of
letterpress will be discussed.

Please see class blog for examples of past student work, etc. http://art404-504.blogspot.com/

Many thanks!

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