Friday, August 06, 2010

Arizona Spotlight

Thank you to the U of A Poetry Center and Mark McLemore for asking me to read on Arizona Spotlight. Listen to my interview and a reading of a few poems here.


Elmer said...

I listened to this spotlight, just now. The you said are congruent with my own developing ideals towards writing; ofcourse I'm not saying that I am talented. An ameteur in all honesty. You're words gave me assurance is all. I just wanted to let you know how you gained a fan

Fish said...

Life always proves itself miraculous when you witness moments of evolution on a personal, rather than a grand scale. I see your portrait and I hear your words and I think, yes, this is Morgan; he is no longer mo. The boy became the man inspite of me. The man will always be held in the world's arms; the boy will always be held in my heart. That is the way of love!

Congratulations on your life's work. You are still the miracle. You are still my hero.