Friday, September 15, 2006

CUE5 Coming Soon

John Ashbery
Rosmarie Waldrop
Campbell McGrath
Boyer Rickel
Michael Schiavo
Peter Jay Shippy
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Christoph Casamassima
Michael Rerick
Steve Timm

& two prose poems by Angel Crespo, translated from the Spanish by Steven J. Stewart

We've still got some back issues of CUE we'd like to find homes for. Check out our subscription page for details.


amfine said...

And I never got an official rejection...sigh. Maybe next time.

Morgan Lucas Schuldt said...


I still have your work. Issue 6 is being edited by Jason Zuzga, so it's under consideration for issue 7. Have faith, my dear.


amfine said...

Faith is truly what I need, hopefully not all I have...gracias.