Thursday, September 14, 2006


Steph, your next prose poem should mention this.


steph said...

I'm laughing ... I printed that article out today to save! A planet that could float on water? A "puffy" planet???? That is news too good to be true! I love the silliness of science.

Morgan Lucas Schuldt said...

Yea, it's one thing to find a planet and another to think: wow, that's light enought to, uhhhhh, I got it--float on water!

And it's just the thing I'd expect to see in your prose poems. How perfect! And how wierd to think that a planet hundreds of light years away should end up on a piece of paper, in the syntax of a sentence, in the body of a prose poem, written by a woman living in Tucson, on the planet earth. All that distance.